9Apps, The New Best Application Store for Android

Have you already heard about the new Android distribution software available in the market today? Are you wondering what is the fuss about it? 9Apps is slowly making it to the top as the new best Android distribution software available in the market today. Yes, it is just like the Google Play Store that Android users are all used to using but it is so much better than the Google Play Store. Why? This is because it takes a lot lesser space from your Android phone than the Google Play Store.

9Apps, when successfully installed in your Android smartphone will just take up a few kilobytes from your phone’s memory. This is even lesser than a selfie. 9Apps have been widely used in China today as it is developed there by the Alibaba group. It works really well that most Android users are now ditching the Google Play Store for this new application store. However, 9Apps is still available in few countries like Russia, India, Indonesia and a few more. But if its popularity and user growth will keep on rising, surely this new application store will will be made available all over the world.

If you are in a country where it is available, you try this now and see what is has to offer. 9Apps is not available in Google Play Store as it is a distribution software and a direct competitor of the Google Play Store. But do not worry because you can just download the 9Apps apk online and install this in your phone. Make sure that you enable the download of applications from outside sources in your settings. With this, you can already enjoy what the new Android distribution software has to offer and you will have more space for other applications other than the Google Play Store.