Best Full Body Workout Options for You

With the temperatures dropping at this time of year, some of us tend to winter in their homes. But wintering is for bears! Human beings need to move throughout the year. However, in a sample of 5000 people, 30% of them say they do not exercise during the winter.

It is not because it is cold outside that we have an excuse not to do physical exercise and fitness training. There is a multiple choice of physical activities for which the outside temperature does not matter. Depending on where you live and your tastes, you can choose to exercise at home or out.

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Exercising in winter for full body workout requires only a little organization and respect for safety measures. If you prefer to spend outside, keep these tips in mind.

First, warm up! Warming up is essential When it is cold your muscles are more tense and therefore more prone to injury. It is therefore important to warm up before intense exercise.

Isolate your body! The best way to get dressed for exercising outside is to put on several layers of clothing. Layering clothes is the best way to get warm and allows you to pull out if you’re too hot.

The garment close to the skin must be able to eliminate perspiration. The outer garment must be waterproof and serve as a windbreaker.

No excessive sweating. Do not think that you have to sweat for the exercise to be effective. Avoid sweating so that clothing close to your skin is not soaked and cold. The solution is to control your heart rate with a monitor.

Do not discover too quickly once inside. You are tempted to remove all these layers of clothing when you return, rather give your body time to get used. Post workout from home hypothermia is possible and happens when the body cools down too quickly.