How Animation Options Truly Sell in Marketing




How Animation Options Truly Sell in Marketing

When we think of animation and cartoons, the first thing that comes to mind is the drawings of our childhood, or like certain television ads, or YouTube videos. It happens that we are used to cartoons since our most innocent childhood years. We are programmed to enjoy the entertainment, even in adulthood, as it brings back memories of relaxation and entertainment. In addition, we must bear in mind that cartoons are aimed at marketing cute, good and light, and there that their power to force us is very strong.

Better Opportunities

Before the fury of the videos that there are nowadays, and the different channels that there are for it, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about animation is this type of animation, for videos. But the animation is much broader than that, and with that, we are referring to animated GIFs, emails, animated postcards, brand campaigns and so on.

  • And surely now he will be wondering, are they good for business?
  • Why use cartoons to show your company, its products, and history?
  • How should it be used?

Statistics show that the video sells better, especially animated and explanatory videos these facts are supported by Google, Facebook, and Twitter, among other technology giants, who understood the power of video marketing.

 But, under the broad umbrella of “video marketing, animation becomes stronger every minute. We must understand that 90% of the information processed in our brain is visual, and for this reason, a video marketing campaign will always be successful. TO acquire customers this is the best option now.

Taking into account the above, we can affirm that animation is Visual Marketing and that it is at its best. The animation in its essence is visual and everything visual and with color is catchy for all audiences, regardless of their demographic data.

There are many types of marketing animations that can be leveraged to drive brand awareness, user participation, and sales. What these animations have in common is their power to visually attract people and force them to see them from start to finish.

 And how should it be done? The animation for this should deliver the message quickly through a 10-second animated GIF image, or a 2-minute animated video, which has the power to tell a story, and the delivery of the message should be easy for everyone to understand the publics The animation must be able to transmit the information easily, simply and clearly, without suffocating the audience with graphics, statistics, and pages with an endless number of written words, which nobody reads anyway. Just show the essentials in a fun and relaxed way.

Finally, if there are still doubts, as far as statistical data is concerned, you should know that:

  • In the search results, video and animation videos have a 41% higher percentage of clicks than the written text.
  • If you have a successful animation on your landing page, you can expect a 70% increase in your conversion rate.
  • Viewers spend 100% more time on landing pages that contain videos than on all other pages.
  • Videos and animations share more than 12,000 links.

 For all this, we can say that using the animation in your marketing campaigns is profitable. So, get to work, maybe it’s time to use this marketing strategy to resurface your business, it’s all a matter of cheering up and starting.