Reasons Why South Koreans are not Concerned About the Nuclear War

When South Korean citizens were asked on whether or not they are worried on North Korea’s threats of the possibility of a Nuclear War and how it would be one of the worst events to happen during this modern age, they looked slightly baffled and confused with the question. The former finance minister of South Korea, Dr. Sakong Il who runs the country’s think tank known as the Institute for Global Economics (IGE), just gave a grin when the same question was passed on whether the North’s plan on launching a Nuclear War would cause any impacts on the nation.

While the reason is not that South Koreans are not aware of the situation with Pyongyang, however, it is how the Korean media relays the information to viewers that shape how the country views the “threat”. With a continuous flow of news and reports regarding the statements from North and the replies from the South, people aren’t moved by the situation and instead more focused towards business conferences, musical concerts, and television shows. It was as if the external threat from Pyongyang were theoretical.

However, in the event if North Korea does start a Nuclear War instead of firing a test shot, South Korean’s still have nothing much to be worried about. The United Nations has been forcing sanctions on North Korea ever since the North decided to conduct their first nuclear test in 2006. The sanctions got increasingly tougher after the second nuclear test in 2009. Depending on the success of any possible missile shot from the North, South Korea and the United States are prepared to counter their attacks. This is why South Koreans are only slightly worried about the potential event of a missile attack due to how prepared the country is against any possible impacts done by Pyongyang.