What You Might have Missed in the Harry Potter Movie

The Harry Potter movies are surely one of the most watched films today. As a matter of fact, even with the news that the upcoming film will have a new lead star; fans are still enthusiastic about it. As long as it is a harry Potter movie, that is enough for them.

Have you watched all the Harry Potter movies? Have you read the books as well? If you watched the films but you have not read the books, there is a good chance there are scenes you missed like the following:

Harry potter did not really cast any spell in the movies though it is said that he has great potential in the magical arts.

Ron’s hair shifts from a center part into a side part for no reason at all. Maybe this happens between takes though.

In the sequel of The Goblet of Fire, the dragons were introduced as one of a kind creatures that can actually do admirable stunts. In their credits, it is announced that no dragons were harmed in making the film.

There are still a number of things you surely missed in the movies but you will find out in the books. Do you miss Harry Potter now that the new sequel is yet to come? Do you wish the lead star is still the same?

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